Pete Wishnok, PhD

Pete Wishnok





(617) 253-6795
Senior Research Scientist


Biology and biological engineering are being increasingly driven by advances in bioanalytical techniques and instrumentation. My research is focused on applications of biological mass spectrometry for the characterization and quantitation of DNA and protein damage caused by exposure both to xenobiotic substances and to endogenous compounds that are formed during various metabolic pathways. In the case of xenobiotics, e.g., smoking-related or diet-related carcinogens, quantitation of modifications to DNA or proteins can provide estimates of individual exposure to the active forms of these substances. DNA or protein modifications arising from endogenous substances, e.g., peroxynitrite, can provide valuable clues towards the biochemistry of their formation and often towards the subtle but important balances between essential vs damaging levels of nominally normal metabolites.

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