Jamie Zhan, MA

headshot of Jaime Zhan


Technical Instructor


Research Focus
My previous research has focused on understanding the role of immune proteins in neurons. While the members of the major histocompatibility complex class I (MHCI) protein family are more famously known for their ability to present antigens to T-cells, the MHCI family also have functions in neurons ranging from modulating neuronal transmission, synaptic plasticity, and development. I am interested in understanding the consequences of changing MHCI levels, which occur normally during development of the healthy brain, on neuronal complexity.

Teaching Goals
I am excited to oversee student learning experiences from first learning to pipette all the way to troubleshooting, critical analysis and experimental design.
Outside of the classroom, I develop free audio content to help anyone at any education level develop scientific reasoning skills. I also occasionally provide scientific consultant support for “edutainment” media. I am interested in the ways that non-scientists engage with scientific content in all sorts of contexts.