Teaching Assistant Award Winners

In the Department of Biological Engineering, Teaching Assistants play a vital role for courses in many ways, including by meeting with students one-on-one, supporting students with special needs, providing detailed comments on homework assignments, and preparing problem sets. Outstanding Teaching Assistants greatly improve the student experience by going above and beyond the call of duty.

In recognition of the excellent work of BE Teaching Assistants, BE gives out awards each year to honor the very best Teaching Assistants for Course 20 classes. The top recognition is the "Teaching Assistant of the Year Award." This prize recognizes the very best Teaching Assistants who contribute to exceptional educational opportunities. There is also a "Teaching Assistant Excellence Award” as an additional show of appreciation for superb TAs.

2021/22 TA of the Year Award goes to Dylan Hirsch
2021/22 TA Excellence Award goes to Ellen Kan, Christine (Davis) Wiggins, Abigail McShane, and Owen Porth