Sep 5, 2016
A new technique invented at MIT can precisely measure the growth of many individual cells simultaneously.
Aug 26, 2016
Investigating mRNA patterns in human brains may pinpoint differences between healthy nerves and those suffering from conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.
Aug 25, 2016
BE spinout Ginkgo Bioworks' engineered yeast helps clients produce fragrances and flavors more efficiently.
Aug 18, 2016
MIT biological engineers have devised a way to record complex histories in the DNA of human cells, allowing them to retrieve “memories” of past events, such as inflammation, by sequencing the DNA.
Aug 11, 2016
New sensor could help anesthesiologists place needles for epidurals and other medical procedures.
Aug 4, 2016
We recently caught up with Dr. James Collins to discuss his team’s recent invention of a rapid and inexpensive field-based diagnostic test for the Zika virus using synthetic biology tools.
Jul 29, 2016
System would use microbes for manufacturing small amounts of vaccines and other therapies.
Jul 21, 2016
Synthetic biology allows researchers to program cells to perform novel functions. MIT engineers have now programmed cells to remember and respond to a series of events.   
Jul 14, 2016
Largest metagenomic view of the developing world uncovers “mobile genes” that reveal how culture shapes the human microbiome.
Jul 4, 2016
“'Now we can image RNA with great spatial precision, thanks to the expansion process, and we also can do it more easily in large intact tissues,' says Ed Boyden