Apr 10, 2017
“Synthetic biomarkers” could be used to diagnose ovarian cancer months earlier than now possible.
Mar 31, 2017
Prof Krystyn Van Vliet says it's time to prioritize growing cells, as there are many promising treatments.
Mar 27, 2017
MIT researchers have now developed a way to determine, by sequencing DNA of liver cells, whether those cells have been exposed to aflatoxin.
Mar 23, 2017
"I encourage you to go outside of your comfort zone in graduate school."
Mar 22, 2017
“What should we be building? How do we influence cells?” asked Dr. Linda Griffith. “How do we get at their inner machinery and give them the cues they need to build a tissue?”
Mar 17, 2017
A new paper from the Runstadler Lab demonstrates that Alaska can offer a significant foothold for Asian flu viruses, enabling them to enter North America.
Mar 14, 2017
U.S. News and World Report has again placed MIT’s graduate program in engineering at the top of its annual rankings, continuing a trend that began in 1990, when the magazine first ranked such programs.
Feb 27, 2017
Measuring the parasite’s heme levels could help scientists develop better antimalarial drugs.
Feb 25, 2017
Ed Boyden describes two cutting-edge neuroscience technologies that may enable us to treat conditions like blindness, epilepsy and Alzheimer's.
Feb 17, 2017
Mark Bathe merges design and biology at the nanoscale.