Wishnok Prize

Photo of Pete Wishnok, addressing BATS attendees.

The Wishnok Prize

The Wishnok Prize for the Bioengineering and Toxicology Seminar (BATS) was established by the Department of Biological Engineering in 2015 in honor of Pete Wishnok, who led BATS for over three decades. The Wishnok Prize is awarded for the best talks in the Fall and Spring Semesters.



Wishnok Prize Winners


Fall 2016 (awarded February 17, 2017)

Winner: Linyi GaoLaboratory of Feng Zhang    

Runner-up: Alison TisdaleLaboratory of Dane Wittrup

Honorable Mention: Ally HuangLaboratory of Ram Sasisekharan

Gao, Tisdale, Huang


Spring 2016 (awarded September 16, 2016)

Winner: Vibhuti AgrawalLaboratory of Forest White    

Runner-up: Kelly MoynihanLaboratory of Darrell Irvine

Honorable Mention: Reginald AveryLaboratory of Bradley D. Olsen

Fall 2015 (awarded Februrary 12, 2016)

Winner: Andrew ChenLaboratory of Angela Koehler    

Runner-up: Breanna StilloLaboratory of Ron Weiss