Learning Resources

The resources below provide opportunities available through MIT to learn.  

  • The MIT Career and Professional Development Office (CAPD) compiled a list of Diversity resources on campus for professional development
  • The MIT Teaching and Learning Lab (TLL) has many resources on their website to help with teaching practices, such as their inclusive teaching strategies. They also hold many talks on a variety of subjects related to inclusive teaching. One to highlight is called Empowering People to Break the Bias Habit by Drs. Devine and Cox from the University of Wisconsin. While long (3hrs), it relies on data and experiences to reflect on implicit bias, where it might arise, and how we can avoid bias when it would be damaging. 
  • The Allyship Guide from the MIT Graduate Student Council provides great resources on what is happening at MIT and MIT specific resources. 
  • LBGTQ@MIT offers many resources to learn more about topic related to diverse gender, romantic, and sexual identities.
  • MIT Professor Catherine Drennan put together a guide for mentors on how to reduce stereotype threat. You can find tips here
  • MIT offers training for it’s staff through Atlas if you are interested in training on diversity and inclusion related topics or leadership topics. 
    • Diversity and Inclusion for Staff: Atlas> Learning Center> Course Catalog> MIT Community Standards of Conduct> Diversity and Inclusion for Staff
    • Developing the Potential of Others: Atlas> Learning Center> Course Catalog> Manage and Lead Others> Developing the Potential of Others
    • Coaching Skills for Managers: Atlas> Learning Center> Course Catalog> Manage and Lead Others> Coaching Skills for Managers
    • Active Listening: Active listening is a key part of understanding each other and building a strong community. MIT HR has put together a set of key tips for active listening.