Znaty and Merck Undergraduate Thesis Prizes in Biological Engineering

We are pleased to announce the Znaty and Merck Undergraduate Thesis Prizes in Biological Engineering!

The prize is open to seniors in Course 20 who are pursuing an undergraduate thesis.  Every thesis submitted to the department will be eligible. 

We will select one Znaty and one Merck Prize winner.  Awardees of each prize will receive $500 and have their names engraved on a plaque displayed outside the BE Academic Office. 

To Apply:

Submit a 1-2 page thesis summary.  You will draw heavily on text from your thesis proposal and thesis for the summary application, as indicated below.  Please also submit 1-3 key figures from your thesis (with captions).

  1. Introduction and Knowledge Gap.  In most cases this can be taken unchanged from your proposal.
  2. Research Overview.  Update the text from the proposal to reflect what you actually did.
  3. Main Results.  Use this section to introduce the key figures that you plan to include.  You may use text from your thesis.  Focus on the most interesting results. Include a brief statement indicating which data presented are your independent contributions and attribute data provided by others accordingly. 
  4. Impact.  This can be taken from the thesis proposal. 


Submissions must be received by 11:59pm on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 to znaty-merck_research_prize@mit.edu.

Questions?  Please contact besb-thesis@mit.edu.