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Each fall, the BE Career Expo provides a formal setting to recruit BE undergraduate students, along with BE PhD and BE postdoctoral students.

The BE Career Development Office accepts job postings year-round, and assists with hosting recruiting events.

What is a “Biological Engineer” – and who hires them?
MIT created the Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering (BE SB degree) to address a significant gap in how engineers were grappling with the complexity of biology to translate discoveries into practical use.  Repositories viewed as “big data” may exist, but in many cases it is not clear that they provide the RIGHT DATA to solve the problem.  What is most important is to frame the problem correctly, accounting for the most vital phenomena.  We seek design principles for engineering a multi-component network – not restricted to a single component – in order to modify biological phenotypes in desired manner.  We aim to integrate molecular mechanistic data with -omics data to design new treatments and devices in the medical realm, and new kinds of materials, biochemicals, energy sources, and information storage technologies for sustained economic development.

The path-breaking new “biological engineering” discipline created at MIT is a launch pad for a range of industry careers. As “biological engineering” is often not recognized by human resources at most companies, profiles of BE SB graduates who have pursued industry careers, along with a roster of companies who have hired them help illustrate the types of positions where BE graduates have successfully contributed their talents.