Career Resources

Upon graduation from MIT with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biological Engineering, you can proceed into many different arenas. The program prepares students for diverse fields ranging from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to materials, devices, ecology, and public health. Graduates of the program have also been known to enter positions in basic research or project-oriented product development as well as graduate school or further professional study.

As of 2013, our graduating seniors made the following career choices: 

  • 39% PhD programs
  • 16% MD and MD/PhD programs
  • 16% Finance and Consulting
  • 12% Industry research
  • 9% Academic/government research
  • 8% other

Additional career resources can be found using the following links:

  • Alumni Page – Profiles of graduates of the BE program who have gone on to have illustrious careers in various fields 
  • Infinite Connection – A great resource of alumni contacts and information for networking to a future career
  • MIT Global Education & Career Development – Institute-wide resource for job listings, graduate school application help, and information for working abroad
  • BE Communication Lab - Department wide resource for resume and cover letter reviews and preparation for communication in future career