Engineers and applied scientists aim to solve complicated problems arising from societal needs and concerns, that’s our great strength. Biological engineers address these problems by fusing quantitative, integrative, systems-oriented analysis and design approaches together with cutting-edge bioscience.

Until recently, reliable methods did not exist for accessing biological systems broadly at their mechanistic (molecular and cellular) levels, for purposes of not only understanding them but of altering or designing them to carry out desired useful functions. Today, biological engineers are at the forefront of developing these powerful, innovative methods and employing them in exciting new ways for societal benefit over a wide range of vital applications in human and environmental health and various diverse industries.

The project areas to be found in our Biological Engineering research program, across our world-class faculty and center laboratories, are ideal for learning how to effectively address important problems combining engineering principles and perspective with the knowledge and tools of modern molecular life sciences.

MIT's Biological Engineering faculty direct leading-edge research programs across the wide range of this exciting new field.