BE Student Life

The life of a Course 20 undergraduate is rife with delightful fun, hard work, and long-lasting friendships. You can work in research labs as a UROP to learn research techniques and potentially make discoveries that can benefit society as a whole. You can join the MIT chapter of BE-BMES to get involved with the professional side of Biological Engineering. Furthermore, you can aid in shaping and improving the lives of current and future Course 20 students by serving on the BE Undergraduate Board.  With these diverse options, you can easily make an impact in the department, the nation, and the world.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program is a MIT-wide program that allows undergraduates to perform enterprising research in MIT labs for course credit or for pay. More information for the guidelines and the processes of the program can be found at the UROP website:

In addition, if you have performed particularly enterprising and exciting research, you are strongly encouraged to apply for the Znaty-Merck Prize for Research by Undergraduates in Biological Engineering here.

Bioengineering-Biomedical Engineering Society (BE-BMES)

The MIT chapter of the Bioengineering-Biomedical Engineering Society was founded in 1995 by three MIT seniors who saw the need for an organization dedicated to providing students with research, employment, and educational opportunities in biomedical engineering. Today, they help the MIT community by providing a forum to share ideas and opinions on Bioengineering and promoting interest in the field through lectures, tours, and social gatherings.

For more information:

BE Undergraduate Board

The BE Undergraduate Board’s primary focus is to represent the BE undergraduate population’s interest to the faculty and the department. In addition to that crucial role, they also aim to create a sense of community among the BE undergraduates through academic and social events.

To learn more about their work and life as BE Undergraduate, visit their website: