Technical Electives at MIT: 

  • Mathematical Methods for Materials Science - 3.016
  • Stem Cells in Organogenesis Carcinogenesis and Atherogenesis - 20.102

Rebecca Kusko

Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering, MIT, 2009

Professional Experience

Senior VP and head of R&D
  • Immuneering
  • Accelerates pharma R&D utilizing AI and other advanced algorithms
  • Leads project teams discovering and advancing better medicines in neuroscience and oncology
  • Develops company wide strategy and business direction

Educational Experience


  • Associate Advisor for Professor William Thilly

MIT Concentration(s): 

  • Spanish

Participation in Programs: 

  • MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

Undergraduate Research Experiences: 

  • Lauffenburger Lab: ovarian cancer signal transduction
  • Samson Lab: DNA damage response
  • Thilly Lab: oncology epidemiology




Activities, interests and hobbies: 

MIT Dancetroupe, MIT Caving Club, mentoring (Graduate Women @ MIT, MIT Postdoctoral Association, MIT Biotech, Letters to a Pre-Scientist), rock climbing (sport), biking (road), sailing (monohull)

Additional Degrees: 

Genetics and Genomics PhD, Boston University School of Medicine