Technical Electives at MIT: 

  • Understanding Current Research in Synthetic Biology - 20.385
  • Biomaterials-Tissue Interactions - 2.79
  • Cellular & Tissue Biomechanics - 20.310
  • Mechanics & Materials - 2.001
  • Dynamics and Control - 2.003
  • Numerical Computation for Mechanical Engineers - 2.086

Hao Xing

Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering, MIT, 2016

Professional Experience

  • Dualflo
  • Co-founded Dualflo, an arterial cannula device that aims to reduce lower limb ischemia incidents in patients receiving ECMO; Responsible for fluid dynamic modeling, prototyping, and regulatory affai
  • Received Sparq Innovation Prize and selected as one of four finalists at the Rothberg Catalyzer Prize
Canaan-Yale Fellow
  • Canaan Partners
  • Executed due diligence on past history and current landscape of gene editing technology and gene therapy; Informed this $5 billion venture capital firm of key criteria of gene therapy for investment opportunities; Created an informative database of 158 gene therapy clinical trials from 2007 to 2017 and analyzed uprising trend in therapeutic area and delivery vectors
  • Participated in real-time deals and performed due diligence: evaluated 22 clinical indications and recommended 3 clinical indications to repurpose a peptide asset from a potential investment; deep dived into cytokine and TCR therapeutics in immuno-oncology and consolidated recommendations derived from investigation in clinical landscape, manufacturing, development, and market intere
  • Bain & Company
  • Driver Group

Educational Experience


  • Teaching Assistant: Electricity and Magnetism - 8.02, Analysis of Biomolecular and Cellular Systems - 20.320, Cell Biology - 7.06
  • Tutor: Physical Chemistry of Biomolecular Systems - 20.111

MIT Minor(s): 

  • Mechanical Engineering

MIT Concentration(s): 

  • Psychology

Participation in Programs: 

  • MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

Undergraduate Research Experiences: 

  • The Mechanobiology Lab – Investigated tumor-associated macrophage polarization under interstitial flow; Received the 3rd Place Znaty-Merck Prize for Research by Undergraduate in BE
  • Weiss Lab for Synthetic Biology – Investigated promoter positional effect on yeast gene expression; Team member of 2013 MIT iGEM team, received silver medal for engineering an exosome-mediated cell-to-cell communication system


  • Li, R., Serrano, J., Xing, H., Lee, T. A., Azizgolshani H., & Kamm, R. D. Interstitial Flow Promotes Macrophage Migration and Polarization in 3D ECM. Mol Biol Cell. (2018).
  • Morris, A.,Stamer, D., Kunkemoeller, B., Chang, J., Xing, H., Kyriakides, T., Decellularized materials derived from TSP2-KO mice promote enhanced neovascularization and integration in diabetic wounds. Biomaterials 169 (2018): 61-71.
  • Morris, A.,Lee, H., Stamer, D., Xing, H., Tan, M., Kyriakides, T., Tunable hydrogels derived from genetically engineered extracellular matrix accelerate diabetic wound healing. (ACS Biomaterials in revision)
  • Li, R., Hebert, J. D., Lee, T. A., Xing, H., Boussommier-Calleja, A., Hynes, R. O., ... & Kamm, R. D., Macrophage-secreted TNF-alpha and TGF-beta1 Influence Migration Speed and Persistence of Cancer Cells in 3D Tissue Culture via Independent Pathways. Cancer Research (2016), canres-0442.

Activities, interests and hobbies: 

MIT Biotech Group – Co-founder of the undergraduate initiative, Competitive ballroom dancer (pre-collegial national champion in China)