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As a biological engineering hands-on teacher, I empower MIT students with technical and communication knowledge to be lifelong curious learners who know where to find rigorous information, who to turn to with questions and collaboration ideas, and what bold challenges to design toward.


Dr. Maxine Jonas is an instructor in the Department of Biological Engineering (BE) at MIT, and one of its alumnae. After undergraduate studies in France, Maxine completed her Ph.D. mentored by Prof. Peter So, designing and optimizing a fluorescence-based microrheometer to quantitatively assess cellular viscoelasticity mechanics with nanometer and microsecond resolutions.  She then worked for seven years in the biotech industry in the Boston area, both in start-up (BioTrove/BIOCIUS) and in large company (Agilent Technologies) environments, conceiving, maturing and manufacturing automated robotics platforms interfaced with mass spectrometers, for applications in the fields of biopharmaceutical drug discovery, clinical research, metabolomics and quantitative proteomics.  Dr. Jonas returned to MIT in 2013, and currently teaches lab-focused instrumentation courses.  She is also a Communication Lab fellow, a Sandbox scientific mentor, and is on the team spearheading the creation of a bio-maker space at MIT.

Publications and Patents

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