Major Exploration: BE Info Sessions (Spring 2020)

  1. "How and Why to Major in Course 20
    • April 15, 2020 and April 16, 2020
    • Presented by Course 20 Faculty and Students
    • Course 20 is a new discipline of engineering based in modern molecular life science, with applications in medicine, environment, energy, agriculture, and more. The curriculum integrates strong computational and experimental foundations, incorporating data analytics with mechanistic physical insights that prepare students to solve the most challenging societal problems. This event provides an overview of the curriculum and its impact in many fields, and of student life in Course 20. Special emphasis is also placed on 20.110 as an entree to several majors.
    • Presentation slides [40MB pdf]
  2. Introduction to Course 20 [Campus Preview Weekend Event]
  3. Special appointments: If you have general questions about Course 20 - Please contact Prof. Michael Birnbaum at ( We can direct your correspondence to appropriate students or faculty members if you have questions about specific research areas (e.g., computational/systems biology, immunology, cancer, synthetic biology, infectious disease, tissue engineering/“Body on a chip”, drug development, energy, environment, etc)