Technical Electives at MIT: 

  • Immunology - 7.23
  • Cellular & Tissue Biomechanics - 20.310

Maria Elizabeth Trujillo

Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering, MIT, 2016

Professional Experience

  • SQZ Biotechnologies
  • Design, characterize and test novel cell based immunotherapies that are created with the CellSqueeze platform.
  • Design and establish analytical methods for the characterization of engineered immune cells.
  • SQZ Biotechnologies
  • Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P.C.

Educational Experience


  • Associate advisor for underclassmen.

Participation in Programs: 

  • MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
  • MIT Student/Alumni Externship Program
  • MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives

Undergraduate Research Experiences: 

  • Koehler Lab - Investigated the regulatory function of Myc and its possible inhibition.
  • Runstadler Lab - Investigated avian influenza to further understand the virus and seek patternsĀ  that could potentially predict stains that can jump host.
  • Langer Lab - Growing and creating new cell lines.
  • Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

Activities, interests and hobbies: 

Samaritans Inc. - Crisis services befriender.