Steven Nagle, PhD

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Teaching and Research:

My teaching and research activities primarily include the development of novel bioinstrumentation for research, as well as for standard and miniaturized medical devices. I focus on teaching a practical understanding of the limits of detection and hardware development principles. Projects have included an educational low-cost atomic force microscope and it's nanoprobes, a low-cost, open-source, quantitative PCR machine, a microfluidic device to demonstrate chemotaxis, in collaboration with Prof. Roman Stocker of Course 1, and a hand-held spectrometer to noninvasively measure human hemoglobin levels.

In 20.309, students build precision bioinstrumentation including:

  • An epi-fluorescent microscope, and
  • A quantitative DNA melting instrument.

In 20.345, students work on self-motivated projects including:

  • Optical tweezers,
  • Atomic Force Microscopy,
  • quantitative PCR,
  • Confocal microscopy,
  • Super resolution microscopy,
  • Microfluidic chemotaxis,
  • Structured light microscopy,
  • Mucin rheology, and
  • Suspended Microchannel Resonators (SMR) to measure individual cell growth

Research Areas: