Recipients of the Znaty-Merck Prize for Undergraduate Research in BE

2014 First Place Winner, Melina Tsitsiklis

2018 Application Information

2018 Recipients

First place: Haley Stouf
‘BLINQ: An Automated Method for Quantifying Calcium Signaling in Vivo’
Principle Investigator - Prof. Martha Constantine-Paton, MIT

Second place: Samantha Russman
‘A Novel Benchtop Arterial Tree for Modeling Mechanical Circulatory Support Strategies’
Principle Investigator - Prof. Elazer Edelman, MIT


2017 Recipients

First place: Jennifer Li
‘Improved microfluidic device and method for single-sell isolation’
Principle Investigator - Prof. Scott Manalis, MIT

Second place: Hannah Zlotnick
In vitro cell tracking elucidates potential of trypsin pretreatment to enhance cartilage integration’
Principle Investigator - Prof. Alan Grodzinsky, MIT

(1) Third place: Lyla Atta
‘Prediction of BET Bromodomain inhibitor sensitization to targeted cancer drugs’
Principle Investigator - Prof. Douglas Lauffenburger, MIT

(2) Third place: Tara Lee
‘Microphage-released TNFα and TGFβ1 enhance cancer cell migration speed and directedness in 3D ECM via distinct mechanisms’
Principle Investigator - Prof. Roger Kamm, MIT


2016 Recipients

First place: Mira Moufarrej
‘Acidosis modulates differential expression and splicing promoting breast tumor drug resistance and EMT’
Principle Investigator - Prof. Doug Lauffenburger, MIT

Second place: Deniz Aksel
‘CulturePatcher: An Image-Guided, Automated Patch Clamp Platform for Cultured Cells’
Principle Investigator - Prof. Edward Boyden, MIT

Third place: Hao Xing
‘Effects of Interstitial Flow on M2 Macrophage Polarization and Migration’
Principle Investigator - Prof. Roger Kamm, MIT


2015 Recipients

First place: Laura J. Dunphy
‘Spatiotemporal-specific antibody signatures associated with tenofovir microbicide use in HIV-infected South African women’
Principle Investigator - Prof. Doug Lauffenburger, MIT

Second place: Angela Zhang
‘PEG stabilizes tumor-penetrating nanocomplexes to deliver siRNA to pancreatic cancer’
Principle Investigator - Prof. Sangeeta Bhatia, MIT

Third place: Cheih-Ming Jamin Liu
‘Exploration of the role of platelets in tumor cell extravasation using microfluidic devices’
Principle Investigator - Prof. Roger Kamm, MIT


2014 Recipients

First place: Melina Tsitsiklis
'In Vivo Robotics for Understanding Brain Function'
Principle Investigator - Prof. Ed Boyden, MIT

Second place: Coyin Oh
'Understanding the Role of microRNAs in Regulatory Networks Correlated with Poor Breast Cancer Prognosis'
Principle Investigator - Prof. Ernest Fraenkel, MIT

Third place: Nathan Kipniss
'Investigating Mechanisms of Multicellular Emergence from Genetically Engineered Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells'
Principle Investigator - Prof. Ron Weiss, MIT


2013 Recipients

First place: Asmamaw Wassie 

‘Towards the Tricoder: a Versatile Biofunctionalized Odorant Sensing Platform’
Principle Investigator - Dr. Andreas Mershin, Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT

Second place: Michael Hwang
‘miR-221/222 targets adiponectin receptor 1 to promote the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in breast cancer’
Principle Investigator - Jeff Settleman and David Dornan, Genetech

Third place: Kevin Li
‘Engineering Fibronectin-Antibody Constructs for Enhancement of Immune Response’
Principle Investigator - Prof. K. Dane Wittrup, MIT

2013 Research Prize Winners, Wassie, Hwang, and Li

(From left to right: Asmamaw Wassie, Michael Hwang, Kevin Li)