Course Name: 

Science and Business of Biotechnology


  • Spring 2021


Remote Learning Details: 

Will lectures be available asynchronously?

Yes, recorded lectures will be available anytime. 

Are there any aspects of the lecture that would require live, synchronous attendance?

Yes, ability to ask questions of the speakers and participate in class discussions. 

Has the format and length of exams been decided? If so, can you describe how exams will be conducted in your course?

There are no exams - only group projects developed throughout the term that will be presented to the class and a group of VC's during the last class sessions. 

Are there other graded elements of the course (e.g., quizzes, take-home exams, etc..)?
If so, can you describe the format of these?

Just the final project - a business plan for a company or similar. 

Will you offer schedulable 1-on-1 office hours?

On demand.