Course Name: 

Revolutionary Ventures: How to Invent and Deploy Transformative Technologies


  • Fall 2020


Remote Learning Details: 

-Will lectures be available asynchronously? 

Zoom recordings available after class on Stellar.

-Are there any aspects of the lecture that would require live, synchronous attendance?

Live & synchronous attendance would enable participation in Q&A plus team matching experiences.

-Will recitations be available asynchronously? 


-Are there any aspects of the recitation that would require live, synchronous attendance? 


-Has the format and length of exams been decided? If so, can you describe how exams will be conducted in your course? 


No exams

-Are there other graded elements of the course (e.g., quizzes, take-home exams, etc..)?  If so, can you describe the format of these? 

Weekly homeworks plus term final project

Submission of gdocs and slides.

-Will you offer schedulable 1-on-1 office hours? 

Yes, faculty will be available by appointment 

-Are each of these elements set, or do you anticipate changing the format or graded aspects of the class?

Pretty much set, and similar to previous years