Course Name: 

Biological Engineering Design


  • Fall 2020



Remote Learning Details: 

Will lectures be available asynchronously?
We will have lecture, typically guest lectures from content experts, in the 10-11am block, live
by zoom, but recorded for those who choose to view material asynchronously. The 11-noon
hour will be devoted to live team 'design time' in breakout sessions and the instructors are
available for feedback during that time. We will occasionally have formalized feedback sessions
in the second hour. As in previous years, we may choose not to have a lecture for some
sessions and allow students more time for working in teams (e.g. 10-noon for working
together). Looking through old syllabi, we kept roughly 30% of the sessions devoted to team
working time, unscheduled with presentations or lectures. Part of the rationale here is that we
like students to have more time thinking/designing together and we also want to set aside time
for student-driven lectures (aka pop-up lectures) that relate to their design concepts (e.g. bring
in a delivery speaker on the fly if delivery is a feature of multiple designs). We tend to set aside
more 'open time' or lectureless sessions later in the semester.

Are there any aspects of the lecture that would require live, synchronous attendance?
Yes - the concept design presentation (tentatively scheduled for 9/28) and final design pitch
(tentatively scheduled for 12/8). On 12/8, we will reserve the full 9am-noon class block and
attempt to schedule teams with time zone issues in mind. We strongly encourage students to
take advantage of the 11am-noon team time (e.g. 8-9am Pacific) but realize that the teams will
also find additional time to work together outside of class.

Will recitations be available asynchronously?
We have canceled the 9-10am recitation hour and return this time to students for out of class
design time, scheduled as they see fit.

Are there any aspects of the recitation that would require live, synchronous attendance?
December 8th - on this date, we will take back the 9-10am hour so that we can have the full 3hr
block for the final pitches.

Has the format and length of exams been decided?
No exams

Are there other graded elements of the course (e.g., quizzes, take-home exams, etc..)?
If so, can you describe the format of these?

Current thinking - May change slightly - Problem Statement & Specification Memo (10%),
Engineering Estimate Assignments (10%), Early Concept Design Presentation (10%), Preliminary
Design Package (10%), Final Written Design Proposal (25%), Final Oral Presentation (15%), Peer
Input (10%), Class Participation (10%)

Will you offer schedulable 1-on-1 office hours?
Staff will be available in the 11am-noon hour for feedback (informal and formal) in breakout
sessions and, as with previous years, the instructors will schedule ad hoc meetings with teams
out of class as requested. If needed, the staff is willing to schedule formal office hours, but in
previous years teams have preferred to find ad hoc times with individual instructors or class

Are each of these elements set, or do you anticipate changing the format or graded aspects of
the class?

This is the current proposal for the fall and we are happy to consider alterations to
accommodate students.