Course Name: 

Instrumentation and Measurement for Biological Systems


  • Spring 2021



Remote Learning Details: 

Will lectures be available asynchronously?
Yes, 90% of lectures will be asynchronous.

Are there any aspects of the lecture that would require live, synchronous attendance?
Only a handful of lectures will be offered synchronously, with highly recommended attendance. Synchronous lectures will also be recorded and made available to students.

Will recitations be available asynchronously?
No. One weekly 30-minute recitation will be mandatory, at a common convenient time selected by each student group.

Are there any aspects of the recitation that would require live, synchronous attendance?
Yes, the students will get the more out of 20.309, and the most enjoyable experience if they
take advantage of lab hours/office hours abundantly.

Has the format and length of exams been decided?
Format and length of exams has not yet been finalized.

Are there other graded elements of the course (e.g., quizzes, take-home exams, etc..)?
Most likely, final grades will take into consideration assignments (50%) to be handed in every other week, quizzes (40%) to be administered every other week, and participation (10%).

Will you offer schedulable 1-on-1 office hours?
Yes, seven days a week, via Slack and Zoom.